Allow AI to manage the routine tasks for you, freeing up your time for more strategic and valuable activities.

Enable AI-assisted AP automation to understand your coding and approval preferences, subsequently eliminating those steps for you. Customize the level of AI-powered AP automation through the dashboard. Striving for a celebration of AP processes without exceptions is a goal we aim to achieve.

ELIT’s eInvoice Automation Solution, incorporating AI and RPA, streamlines and enhances the efficiency of the entire invoicing process.

Numerous businesses invest significant time addressing matching errors and exceptions. Automated invoice processing can eradicate redundant manual entries, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors.

  • Supplier invoice entry
  • Automatic invoice matching
  • Manual invoice matching
  • Internal reinvoicing

Efficiently and accurately process invoices, irrespective of their format

ELIT’s Invoice solution reduces the cost per invoice, shortens cycle times, and enhances spend control by conducting budget, invoice, and PO checks. Additionally, it eliminates the challenges associated with managing paper invoices.

With built-in automatic matching and error identification, the fully cloud-based electronic invoicing system ensures that you only pay for what you order and receive.

Procurement RPA

RPA is a pivotal component in the procurement department, automating transactional procure-to-pay processes and executing straightforward bidding transactions through systematic controls and well-defined business rules, leading to significant cost and efficiency savings.

ELIT RPA Solutions Provide a High Return on Investment

ELIT RPA solutions have the potential to enhance front-office productivity while alleviating and redefining the workload for back-office staff.

  1. Over a one-year investment period, tangible efficiency benefits can be anticipated.
  2. The interaction with software and systems can be seamlessly controlled.
  3. Our tools can operate in practically any geographic region, thanks to centralized hosting.
  4. Our robotic resources can function across various business units (BUs) and roles.
  5. Properly specified processes ensure that data consistently adheres to regulatory compliance criteria.
  6. Minimal human intervention reduces the likelihood of errors.

Benefits of RPA/AI

  1. Cost savings: Realize 25-60% cost savings for manual transactional business operations.
  2. Improved Reporting: Receive comprehensive logs and reports through auto-generated dynamic dashboards.
  3. Improved Compliance: Improve accuracy and compliance rates through rule-based automation and enhanced management of audit trails.
  4. Enhanced Scalability: Deploy scalable and adaptable virtual resources swiftly and cost-effectively, with the flexibility to scale down as needed.
  5. Improved Service Delivery: Decrease cycle durations by minimizing manual interventions and managing exceptions, freeing up more controllable resources.
  6. Optimized Processes: Accelerated processes leading to increased throughput and productivity, accessible beyond regular business hours.

RPA/AI Features

As technology continues to advance, numerous companies have embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance productivity, optimize business processes, and eliminate errors.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) employs automated processes or robots as a virtual workforce, specifically for repetitive tasks prone to errors, following rules, and utilizing digital tools. These robots function as a back-office processing center, reducing the reliance on human resources.

Contemporary organizations must identify bottlenecks and opportunities throughout the entire procurement lifecycle, quantify their value, and design and implement appropriate solutions to achieve sustainable benefits.

RPA offers a definitive approach to reduce manual and repetitive tasks that consume valuable time and operational costs. ELIT utilizes RPA/AI to alleviate burdens in the procurement management lifecycle by automating invoice management, facilitating supplier collaboration through an easy-to-use chatbot interface, and streamlining other critical processes that demand meticulous attention for successful execution.

An advantage you can leverage is that ELIT keeps open the possibility to customize your processes and adopt RPA/AI technologies to suit your organization’s specific functions and processes.


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