Automated, Integrated, and Simplified eInvoicing Software Solution

ELIT eInvoicing software automates invoices, streamlines manual AP processes, improves workflows by eliminating manual efforts, enhancing productivity, and reducing the hidden costs associated with accounts payables. Given its direct impact on payables and outflows, meticulous care is crucial to avoid mistakes and unnecessary delays.

ELIT can assist you in transitioning to a digital environment

ELIT’s AI-based eInvoicing software solution automates invoices, matching invoice line items promptly, focusing on volume processing rather than issue resolutions.

The ELIT eInvoice software is a smart solution for managing AP invoicing processes across the Order-to-Cash lifecycle. Simply allow it to capture invoices digitally, and the built-in AI tools will handle the rest.

Paper-based invoices are inefficient, pose risks, and incur high costs

Manual invoice management can result in time loss, errors, payment delays, and missed discounts for your company. With ELIT’s end-to-end automated eInvoicing software solution, you gain control over the entire invoicing process, from receipt to approvals and processing.

ELIT e-invoicing software seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and billing systems

ELIT’s AI-based eInvoice software solution is fully compatible with existing ERP systems and billing applications, offering seamless integration and the option to utilize its automated data extraction feature or operate as a standalone application.

With ELIT’s eInvoice software solution, you can:

  1. Bulk upload invoices.
  2. Maintain several TINs under a single corporate hierarchy while adhering to the organizational structure.
  3. Access standard eInvoice templates or customize them to align with your organizational standards.
  4. Tailor ELIT eInvoicing software to accommodate multiple or intricate approval processes.
  5. Utilize the same ELIT platform for seamless collaboration both internally and externally.
  6. Identify line mismatches in real-time.

In conclusion, ELIT’s eInvoicing software presents an automated, integrated, and simplified solution that transforms the invoicing process. By automating invoices and streamlining manual accounts payable processes, ELIT enhances workflows, boosts productivity, and reduces the hidden costs associated with payables. The transition to a digital environment is facilitated by ELIT’s AI-based eInvoicing solution, which prioritizes volume processing and efficient handling of invoice line items.

ELIT’s eInvoice software is a strategic tool for managing AP invoicing processes across the Order-to-Cash lifecycle. It efficiently handles digital invoice capture, leveraging built-in AI tools for seamless processing.

Recognizing the inefficiencies and risks posed by paper-based invoices, ELIT’s end-to-end automated eInvoicing solution empowers companies to take control of their invoicing processes. This includes handling the entire lifecycle from receipt to approvals and processing, ensuring accuracy and timely payments.

Moreover, ELIT’s e-invoicing software offers compatibility with existing ERP and billing systems. The solution seamlessly integrates into the current infrastructure, providing flexibility to operate as a standalone application or utilize its automated data extraction feature.

In addition to these features, ELIT’s eInvoice software provides various functionalities, such as bulk uploading, maintaining corporate hierarchies, accessing standard templates, customization, and real-time identification of line mismatches. This comprehensive approach ensures efficiency, compliance, and collaboration, both internally and externally.

In essence, ELIT’s eInvoicing software is a transformative solution that addresses the challenges of traditional invoicing processes, offering businesses a streamlined and intelligent approach to managing their accounts payable workflows.


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